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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The theme of our Winter 2019 edition is:


Poetry and Nonfiction/Hybrid Only

Submission period:  August 1 2018 – October 31 2018


About CRISIS: Deriving from the Greek “krisis,”  meaning “decision” but also a “decisive moment,” the word “crisis” has  come to apply to moments and situations of danger, stress and  uncertainty. Crises can be unpredictable, and how we deal with a crisis  can test the limits of our endurance and capacity for survival. A crisis  can expose our weaknesses, but we can also emerge stronger, more  durable from the experience. We hope to learn from a crisis, so we do  not repeat it. We are not always successful. The poems and  nonfiction/hybrid selections that we will gather under the subject of  crisis will engage crisis in its broadest meaning. We welcome in  particular pieces that address contemporary crises—from the political  and environmental—and rethink the ways in which poetry engages and  responds to crisis in real time.

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